Making an Impact

Understanding the Art of Communication for Persuasion, Inspiration, and Leadership
Rob Swineford

Rob "Coach Rob" Swineford believes that the quality of our communication determines the quality of our lives and that the ability to deliver the right words at the right time is the very definition of leadership.

In his workshop, Coach Rob teaches the method he has developed as a business owner, youth coach and father to assist others by utilizing the powerful tools of communication.

In his presentation, attendees will . . .

  • Learn an effective method for presenting to audiences of all sizes for any reason
  • Understand the absolute necessity for improving communication within any team
  • Discover the beautiful mystery of the power of sincere expression
  • Commit to the disciplines needed to speak effectively
  • Gain powerful insights into the power of words
  • Uncover and learn to utilize the magic of connection
  • Begin to take practical steps toward becoming the leader you have always envisioned

Jun 16 - 9:40am


Speak Up & Learn - Toastmasters Youth Leadership Program

Linda Denton

This highly interactive workshop is for members of toastmasters, parents, and friends. The goal of this workshop is to provide information on how to start a youth leadership program, understand the benefits for the clubs and their members, and have fun creating a mini youth leadership program. Participants will walk away feeling confident and energized to start their own youth program.


  • Understand the power of the Youth Leadership Program (YLP)
  • Learn how to start a YLP
  • Identify member and club benefits
  • Experience creating a Youth Leadership Program
  • Explore best practices in working with youth
  • Q&A

Jun 16 - 9:40am


Chief Judges Training

Diane Beall

Are you ready to challenge your leadership skills, hone your powers of observation, and expand your organizational abilities? Do you follow the Toastmasters Core Principles of Integrity, Respect, Service, and Excellence? Are you willing to provide leadership training to inexperienced judges, enhancing your own teaching skills in the process? Do you have the time to listen to some of the best speakers in the District? Join us and serve your fellow members as a Chief Judge! The rewards of serving are far greater than you’ve ever imagined.

Jun 16 - 9:40am


Basecamp Managers Training

Barbara Stickler

Base Camp Managers Training is for those club officers (VP Education, President, and Secretary) who have Base Camp Manager (BCM) privileges. You will learn how to approve level and path completions, approve requests to from members to speak outside of the club as well as how to track the member's progress in the level and path in order to work the Distinguished Club Program. You will also receive information on how to move thru the Pathways site to assist your members.

Jun 16 - 10:50am


Add Humor to Any Speech

Heather Frankos

Do you cringe when you think of using humor in your speeches? Have you put off completing your projects which call for comedy? Well shy away no more! Learn tips and tricks for getting laughs or more laughs from your audiences.

Heather Frankos, ALS, ACB, has been injecting humor into her speeches since she gave her icebreaker 3.5 years ago. With a deadpan, dry delivery Heather connects with her audiences through laughter.

Discover your own comedic style and confidently incorporate humor into your speeches and leave your audiences wanting more.

Jun 16 - 10:50am


The Secret to Toastmaster Success:The Executive Committee Meeting

Ken Spears

The Executive Meeting: Club Officers and District Officers , these are the meetings that set the tone for the year and help you run your club, area or division expertly. Join me as I go over some of the tips, tricks and reasons why these meetings are so important at all levels of Toastmasters. We will discuss the interrelationship of these meetings to the club and district experience. Having run a large number of these meetings at all levels, I want each of you to embrace the leadership role that you hold. Make your club or district office strong. These meetings are the place where the work gets done. So let’s do them expertly!

Jun 16 - 10:50am


Judges Training

Vicki Chernoff

When you work as a Judge in a Speech Contest, you have responsibilities, you must understand your role, and you must bring out your best attributes.

A Contest Judge is not an evaluator who job it is to work with the speaker to improve his speaking skills. Instead, your function is to simply rank the contestants according to their performance. You must keep your observations and decisions confidential.

It is an honor and privilege to be called upon to judge a speech contest. In this session you will learn how to be an effective contest judge and demonstrate the Toastmasters core values of Integrity, Honor, Respect, and Servitude.

Jun 16 - 10:50am


Pathways Live - RM 119

Barbara Stickler

Pathways Live is a one-hour demonstration of the Pathways interface. You will see how to navigate in Pathways, find information on the various projects, find tutorials to help you with website and projects and how to complete projects and levels. If you use a tablet, laptop or phone to log into The Toastmasters website you may want to bring it to the session. You will be able to follow along on your own device which might help you be more comfortable with the website. You may bring your lunch, and bring questions!

Jun 16 - 12:20pm


Say what you WANT to say, Say what you NEED to say

Karen Thompson

Difficult conversations are conversations we often avoid, even in Toastmasters. This session will provide you with tools and practical ways based on the book Crucial Conversations, on how to have those conversations and experience change in you and your club success. District leaders, club officers, coaches and mentors, find success by having those tough conversations with positive outcomes by saying what you want to say and what you need to say.

Jun 16 - 1:30pm


Building a Rock Solid Speech Using Every Day Experiences

Michael Ostgaard

As a speaker I have used many different methods of constructing speeches. Some I developed myself, and some I have borrowed from the great speakers that I have worked with. In this workshop we will be learning some basic ways to enhance your good speeches and make them great.

Jun 16 - 1:30pm


How to Achieve Your Distinguished Toastmaster Status by June 2020

Kathy Hughes

Since Pathways has rolled out, it is now very desirable for Toastmasters on the traditional path to complete their program and achieve Distinguished Toastmaster status by June 2020. This session will provide information on how YOU can succeed in this goal.

Jun 16 - 2:40pm


#JoinTheDigital Revolution

How to Leverage #SocialMedia for Personal, Professional, and Club Branding

MJ Shores

Learn the latest tips and trends in the disruptive and rapidly changing world of social media. Discover how other individuals, professionals and Toastmasters clubs leverage the power of social media to attract followers and build brands. A few of the topics covered will include how to select the most appropriate platforms for your needs, how to create engaging and entertaining content, who tracks and uses your social media content, how Google algorithms distinguish authentic content from artificial intelligence (AI) or social bot-generated content. Join in the adventure of becoming a social media sorcerer or sorceress. #JointheDigitalRevolution.

Jun 16 - 2:40pm


Awesome Answers to Candid Questions

Michael Varma

Bring all your hard-hitting Toastmasters questions such as:

  • What do we do when a speaker cancels right before the meeting?
  • How do we retain/motivate existing members?
  • Why don’t our guests come back?

Receive simple solutions that produce remarkable results.

  • Got questions about Pathways? Inquire and get inspired.
  • Need members to participate outside of the club? Discover a magical phrase (or two).
  • Want to jumpstart your personal or professional career? Learn which modules to leverage.

Boost your current skills up to the next level with the valuable insights by asking candid questions and receiving awesome answers. Join the host of Founder’s District TV, Michael Varma, DTM, and his powerhouse panelists in an open and candid discussion based upon all your questions.

  • Ask questions and receive direct "how to" answers from current leaders and business experts.
    • Leverage knowledge from several subject matter experts.
    • Save time by getting answers to overcome common obstacles.
    • Identify opportunities and future resources.
  • Develop a clear and concise action plan to...
    • Convert guests to members.
    • Maintain motivation among your members.
    • Have your club become Distinguished.
  • Universal secrets to keep your club happy and healthy.
    • Great for Toastmasters clubs.
    • Apply to your personal goals to achieve more in less time.
    • Apply to your business goals and produce amazing results.

Learn 4 or more ways to...Maintain your own motivation for personal and professional success.
Learn 4 or more ways to...Build a team of effective club officers that produce amazing results.
Learn 4 or more ways to...Keep members engaged to help their club become Distinguished.

Attend this fun and functional interactive win-win workshop and you’ll smile with success.

Jun 16 - 2:40pm


Leaders Make it Better

David Hosmer

The world around us is chaotic, disorderly and often confusing. It is the default state of nature; whether it is our family, our job, our hobbies or our culture. It seems as if everything around us is broken and needs to be fixed; perhaps even our Toastmasters Club.

This is not a pessimistic view of life. It is your greatest opportunity for growth and leadership, because Leaders Make It Better.

In this workshop we will discuss the seeming chaos of the Toastmasters universe in which we find ourselves, and we will find solutions. Leaders solve problems and bring order out of chaos. Leaders Make It Better. Whether you’re a Club Officer or an Area, Division, District or International Director, you can make things better one solution at a time.

Jun 16 - 3:50pm


Write and Publish Your Book in 90 Days or Less

Marguerite Bonnett

Have you ever wanted to write a book? Do you think it will be too hard? Or take too long? Maybe you just don’t know where to start? Marguerite Bonnett will give you the fastest and easiest step-by-step process to write and self-publish your book in 90 days or less! You don’t want to miss this informative and empowering workshop!

Jun 16 - 3:50pm


Find Your Raving Fans

William Hung

You are working extremely hard as a mentor, consultant, and speaker but you feel you have a hard time finding traction.

You are not sure about what’s missing.

You may have invested in coaching programs…and get no results.

You may have invested a lot of time and money with marketing…and get no results.

You believe you have a reasonable sales process…and STILL get no results.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

If this is you, then William will show you how to find your raving rans by:

  • Examining your brand and your message
  • Fixing common mistakes that will turn your fans away
  • Coming across as a value adder, not a product pusher

Jun 16 - 3:50pm


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