Keynote - Power of Words

Josephine Lee

As Toastmasters, we are taught to use words as our tool to influence, inform, and entertain. But many of us do not understand the magnitude and power that words possess. It has the power to change what we see, what we experience, what we believe, and ultimately who we are.

In this keynote address, you will learn how words evolved our senses throughout history, how different words can change the culture of a country and how a single word can shape a person's identity.

Josephine Lee placed third overall in the 2016 Toastmasters World Championship of Public Speaking and has traveled the world as a keynote speaker for several Toastmasters districts including China, India, the Middle East, and the United States. As an entrepreneur, she is the founder and owner of The Pointe Shop in Santa Ana, and Dancer's Choice Supply in Irvine. Josephine is a proud member of the Anaheim Breakfast Toastmasters Club #3836.

Jan 20 - 8:30am


How the Power of Storytelling Can Change Your Life

MJ Shores

Storytelling is making a popular resurgence in modern culture and business. In this presentation, MJ Shores briefly explores the history of storytelling and its power to engage and influence others. You’ll learn why many neuroscientists believe storytelling is the most effective form of communication. And you’ll walk away with practical strategies and tools to become a master storyteller at work, home, and, of course, Toastmasters. Change your message. Change your life.

MJ Shores is an award-winning speaker who has delivered keynote speeches to groups of all sizes around the globe. A popular panelist and moderator at conferences, she has been featured in Business Week, Financial Times, Wall Street Journal, MSNBC, China Post, and other media. An inveterate traveler and learner, MJ is sought out for her business, technology and cultural insights.

MJ’s extensive experience in public policy and international affairs is complemented by her business expertise, which includes serving in senior leadership roles at top global business schools, including the Wharton School of Business, UCLA and the International University of Moscow – Russia. MJ is currently Chief Marketing Officer for a local media startup.

MJ is an active member of the Saddleback Sunrise Speakers (SSS) Toastmasters Club, where she has completed, with the support and guidance of fellow members, her Competent Communicator manual. In her spare time, she volunteers for several local non-profits and can be spotted at local coffee shops with her fellow Toastmasters.

Jan 20 - 9:40am


Leadership Roles Beyond the Club

Ken Spears

Leadership is the best way to be a great public speaker and increase your income! Leadership paths open doors to opportunities and expose you to entirely new audiences. Learn how to leverage your leadership roles into greater speaking opportunities and more importantly, increasing your salary. Toastmasters typically earn 30% more than the average worker. Toastmaster leaders are typically the best speakers, salespeople and those who can marshal a speech at a moment’s notice and deliver to any audience. Leadership helps build management skills and most importantly, confidence in yourself and in your message. From club leadership roles all the way to the district level, leadership is the way to increase your ability to interact, react and be the best speaker, salesperson or version of yourself.

Ken Spears is the current Division G director, having previously served as an area director in G. He has been a club president and VPE, realizing that as he stepped into leadership roles, his speaking became much better. Ken works in the wine industry and he wants everyone to “Uncork Happiness!”

Jan 20 - 10:50am


From Toastmasters to TEDx

Daniel Midson-Short

Many Toastmasters aspire to one day deliver a TEDx talk. They want the chance to share their message with the world. But the big question is how do you do it? The road to being accepted to speak at TEDx is both challenging and confusing. In this session Daniel will share his best lessons and tips on how he has successfully delivered two TEDx talks. He'll go through the history of TED and TEDx, the application process and the difference between TEDx and Toastmasters speaking.

Jan 20 - 1:00pm


Grow Your Club to 20+

Lori Shapiro

This session is for VP Membership, VP Public Relations, and all members who want to help their club membership grow year after year.

All clubs around the world are challenged with keeping 20+ members or more in their clubs. Toastmasters International has statistics stating that clubs will lose 40% of their members every year. Our district has 43 clubs with 12 or less members. If that sounds like your club, you are not alone. It’s time to take immediate action NOW, GROW YOUR CLUB! It’s important to have a strategy to retain and bring in NEW members. All clubs should be planning one Membership growth event every quarter.

Come to this interactive session and go away with some ideas on club building ideas, handouts from districts around the world - for building members in CORPORATE and COMMUNITY clubs, sample Open House Flyers, and a plan for taking guests to members, and ideas on how to keep your meetings educational and FUN. You will set up a plan for your next Open House – and have a timeline for success. Did you know that there is an INCENTIVE for having a successful Open House – check out our District incentives at and see if you can find it. There will be a drawing for some great gifts for your club at this session.

Jan 20 - 1:00pm


7 Steps to Connect With Any Audience

David Kline-Lovett

Do you want your audiences to hear what it is you have to say? Do you want people to remember your speeches next week, next month, and next year? Do you want your speeches to make a real difference?

The key to a successful speech is to Connect With Your Audience.

At this Workshop-You will easily learn how to earn the attention of your audience, tools to energize even the dullest subject, methods to build excitement and enthusiasm, how to own the room, and the keys to instantly build a relationship with your audience!

You will make a lasting and profound effect with your audience when you connect. You will make a real difference for the world. You and your speeches will never be the same after you attend this workshop.

Jan 20 - 2:10pm


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