The Distinguished Club Program - Why it Matters!

Toastmasters International Distinguished Club Program (also known as the “DCP”) is a set of goals developed by Toastmasters International that helps clubs in achieving education, membership and administrative objectives. Recognition as “Distinguished” is a way of measuring how well your club is doing in meeting the needs of your members. This presentation will help you:

  • Understand the Distinguished Club Program
  • Develop strategies for meeting the Distinguished Club goals
  • Cultivate tactics for overcoming common roadblocks

Judi Uttal has been involved with Toastmasters International since 2010, when she chartered her first club at Emulex Corporation. She is currently an Area Director and working hard to complete her DTM in 2019.  For the last six years, Judi has run a Toastmasters Gavel Club focused on helping individuals diagnosed with Autism develop their communication and leadership skills. Ms. Uttal, is president of the Orange County Asperger’s Support Group, a nonprofit that is helping families and individuals with Autism improve their quality of their life through support programs, ongoing education, and social activities. Judi recently retired from a career as a high technology marketing executive where she led teams at Intel Corporation, VERITAS, Symantec, Emulex, and QLogic. Judi has a BS in Math/Computer Science from UCLA, where she graduated Cum Laude and an MBA from Carnegie-Mellon University, Tepper School of Management, where she graduated with distinction.

Jan 12 - 9:10am


Pathways Base Camp Management

Three club officers have Base Camp Manager responsibility: Club President, VP Education and Secretary   These officers are needed for members to advance from one level to another, and through Path Completion.

This session provides training for not only these officers, but all members that are using Pathways Learning Experience.   Base Camp Managers are needed to approve level and path completions, approve requests to from members to speak outside of the club as well as how to track the member's progress in the level and path in order to work the Distinguished Club Program. You will also receive information on how to move thru the Pathways site to assist your members.

This session is open to ALL members as it builds an understanding as to how Pathways Base Camp Manager works.

Diane Brown, DTM, is a marketing professional working in the senior care industry.  She has been a Toastmaster since 2000 earning her DTM in 2006.  Diane volunteered as a Pathways Guide to help roll out the new educational program for our District.  Currently she is serving the District as a Pathways Educational Co-Chair along with Charlotte Drake.  She appreciates the Toastmasters educational program and is grateful to be able to give back to others. 

Jan 12 - 9:10am


#GetSocial to Promote Your Club

Learn how to leverage social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Meetup and more to promote your club. Whether you’re looking for new members or looking for a way to get your current ones more involved, we’ll show you the basics of these platforms and give you strategies for effectively reaching your audience with the right posts, images, captions, and hashtags.

Danielle Brown originally joined Toastmasters in the Spring of 2017 and has wasted no time in devoting her unique skills to foster club excellence and develop exceptional leaders. She is currently serving as a Founder’s District Area Director, works as a Marketing Specialist for the book publishing division of Entrepreneur Media, and spends most of her free time between the pages of imaginary worlds.

Jan 12 - 9:50am


The Power of Presence

Wow Your Audience With Credibility, Confidence and Connection

Use the Power of Presence to Wow Your Audience With Credibility, Confidence and Connection

  • Do you want to clearly position yourself as the expert so that your product, program and services sell themselves?
  • Do you get lost trying to be effective, authentic, engaged, present AND professional all at the same time?

In this session, you will learn how to effectively present knowledge that can change other people’s lives, their businesses or the environment.  Make an impact on those you speak to and provide useful insights, create connections and offer solutions that are value based.

Come to this interactive session that will provide you with POWERFUL tools to win over your audience.

Introduction for Dr. Cynthia Boccara, DTM:

It has been said that 93% of communication is non-verbal, hence, the bulk of your ability to communicate, make an impression, and have influence lies in your ability to use your body. Dr. Cynthia Boccara has been working with industry and thought leaders for the past 30 years, helping them not only have happier and healthier lives, but to use their bodies to project confidence, credibility, and charisma. Dr. Cynthia has worked with Olympic athletes, America's Cup teams and companies such as Dell Software, Pacific Life, and Edison to train their people on the science of Physical Intelligence or PQ. By increasing their PQ,  leaders can be more effective speakers, make the impact they want, and create the income they deserve in any situation.   And, Dr. Cynthia recently earned her DTM!   

Jan 12 - 9:50am


Chief Judge Training

Are you ready to challenge your leadership skills, hone your powers of observation, and expand your organizational abilities? Do you follow the Toastmasters Core Principles of Integrity, Respect, Service, and Excellence? Are you willing to provide leadership training to inexperienced judges, enhancing your own teaching skills in the process? Do you have the time to listen to some of the best speakers in the District? Join us and serve your fellow members as a Chief Judge! The rewards of serving are far greater than you’ve ever imagined.

David Hosmer is an attorney/mediator for the past 15 years. He mediates business, commercial and real estate litigated cases and can be found at David is the VPE and Immediate Past President of the Irvine Toastmasters, was Area G-5 Director 2016-2017, and was the Division F Director 2017-2018. David won first place Trophies for best Table Topics and best International Speech at Division G Area Speech contests in 2013 and 2016.


Jan 12 - 9:50am


Inject Humor Into Your Speeches

"Stories the easy way to add humor to any speech"

Learn how add humor to any speech. Decide to have fun with your speeches and enjoy yourself while you make your speeches entertaining and impactful (Yes, this is possible!).

Adding humor to a speech is easier than you might think (even if you don’t feel you are particularly funny). In this workshop you will:

  • Learn how to engage you audience with humor.
  • Learn how to create a great speech with humor with an easy to follow formula.
  • Have a boat load of laughs and learn how to get laughs in your speeches.

Come to this session and learn how to make them LAUGH!   You're guaranteed to bust a gut a few times too.

Chris Knierim award-winning corporate trainer, values-based leadership expert, coach and stand-up comedian.  Between Chris’s corporate gigs you can catch him at local comedy clubs including the Irvine IMPROVE where Chris was recently featured.

Jan 12 - 11:00am


Growing Club Membership

Tips for Attracting and Retaining New Members

A KNOWN FACT:  Clubs will naturally lose members every year - the average club loses 40% of their members annually!

To combat that attrition, clubs must ALWAYS be in GROWTH mode.

David will share 3 secret strategies he has successfully used to GROW MEMBERSHIP in his home club. 

Attend this session and you will learn:

  • How to attract GUESTS to your meetings, and how to get them to COME BACK again.
  • How to utilize social media to promote your OPEN HOUSE and other club building activities.
  • How to use recruiting techniques, tools and practices to keep your club vibrant and growing.
ADDED BONUS:   Someone will win a BEAUTIFUL GUEST BOOK donated by the District - it could be YOU!

David Makela is the CEO of the People-Centric Group, a company that builds businesses and develops people. David has been a member of Toastmasters of Laguna Beach for two years. As President, he was able to double membership and develop a succession plan with the incoming President who has since doubled membership. David’s mission in life and business is to equip, empower and encourage leaders to thrive through coaching and intentional mentoring. David is currently working on level 5 of Pathways Effective Coaching.

Jan 12 - 11:00am


Creating and Managing a Club Website

Websites are a critical contact source for potential new members. Too many clubs don't have a web site, or worse, have an outdated web site because no one in the club possesses the knowledge or skills to run a web site. Do you need to hire a professional web developer to have a decent internet presence? Probably not!

Learn how you can have a professional looking web site without any knowledge of web programming, and manage your site with the least amount of work.

Since joining Toastmasters in 2005, Dan has earned the Distinguished Toastmaster award three times. Other awards include the Founder’s District Toastmaster of the Year, the Helen “Homer” Blanchard Award for Extraordinary Service Leadership, and the District Spirit of Excellence award. In 2017-2018 he served as the District Director for Founder's District.

Dan is a software architect, and loves music, playing guitar, and photography.

Jan 12 - 11:00am


Art of Mentoring Club Members

Do you remember when YOU first started in Toastmasters?   There was so much to learn: Speeches, and Ah Counting, and Pathways…Oh My!  In order to overcome these obstacles, all new members need a mentor – an experienced club member who will help them to be successful.  The mentor will help the new member learn the program; learn about club standards and customs; and develop confidence.  In return the mentor will learn from their mentee; remain productive; have a sense of accomplishment; and receive recognition.  It’s a win-win situation.

In this workshop you will learn:

  • Why every club needs a mentor program
  • The role of the mentor
  • The difference between mentoring and coaching
  • The attributes of a good mentor
  • When to mentor and when to coach
  • Why “protégé” sounds way cooler than “mentee”…but…
  • The role of the mentee
  • The attributes of a good mentee
  • How to start a mentor program in your club

David Moore (ACG, ALB) is a Past Area Governor (yes that’s what they were called in olden times) as well as a Past Division Director. Over the past 13 years, David has competed in every Toastmasters speech contest there is, except for Table Topics which still scares the heck out of him. Much to David’s surprise he actually won a number of these speech contests, including the District Humorous Speech contest in 2011 and the District Tall Tales Speech contest in 2013. When David joined Toastmasters in 2005 he had no intention of ever competing in speech contests, much less taking on any District Leadership roles, and he never would have if it weren’t for the mentors that saw something in him. They ultimately convinced him he could do it. In return, David has tried to do the same by mentoring other Toastmasters.

Jan 12 - 11:00am


Contest Judges Training

Contest Judges PICK WINNERS! Are you ready to select the very best speakers to represent our district in its area, division and district speech contests?

In this session you will learn:

  • What judging involves
  • To understand the judging criteria
  • How to choose winners as fairly and impartially as possible

Be part of the process to help us find this year’s WINNERS! Be a Contest Judge! After completing this training, your name will be included in the District's Master Judge list.

Jean Tanquary joined Toastmasters five years ago and has been volunteering ever since. She served as  the Area G-1 Director 2017-2018 and was honoured with the Founder’s District Spirit of Excellence Award last summer. Currently, she is the Division G Pathways Education Chair, a Club Co-Mentor, an Acting Club Co-Coach, and is striving to finish her DTM. In her spare time, Jean volunteers with the Pacific Symphony League and takes improv acting classes.

Jan 12 - 11:00am


Start Your Pathways Journey

Are you new to Toastmasters and/or Pathways?   Have you still not taken your Pathways Assessment and seleted your path?   This session is for Pathways newbies, and those that need help getting started.

Bring your laptop, tablet and even smart phone and learn how to access and navigate the Pathways education system.   You will have time to take the assessment and select your path.   And, there will be Pathways mentors there to help answer questions, and show you your next steps.

Don't be afraid to get started!  We will be there to help.

**BONUS** Everyone who attends will get a 28 page 'Welcome to Your Club'  Pathways manual!

Charlotte Drake, DTM was the Founder's District Toastmaster of the Year last year.   She earned that award from her continuous work on creating the Pathways Reference Guide, and other Pathways learning manuals.   Charlotte is one of the District Pathways Education Chairs and teaches other district leaders and club members about Pathways.   She has completed two paths already. And is on track to earn her first Pathways DTM by July 1, 2019.   She also has served as an Area Director three times, and won Area Director of the Year.  

Jan 12 - 1:00pm


Develop a Winning Speech

"Your Greatest Story is Within"

Is your goal is to compete for the title of World Championship of Public Speaking?  Do you aspire to become a motivational and inspirational speaker or improve your presentation skills?  Do you want to nail your next presentation at work?  Are you getting ready to give an important speech soon?  Then you will not want to miss this workshop. You will learn techniques and strategies to deliver impactful presentations no matter who your audience is.

This training its going to be fun, interactive and most importantly, beneficial for you as a speaker.

Ricky Lacorte is  professional entertainer, DJ, Host, Singer and most importantly a motivational speaker who thrives on sharing his message of hope and enouragement.  Ricky, has been a toastmaster for 2 years this October 2018 and his reason for joining toastmasters was to strengthen his ability to communicate and entertain.  For Ricky, it rejuvenated his love for public speaking to the extent that he competed in the World Championship of Public Speaking last August 2018 in Chicago and placed in the top 10 finalists in the world.  His ultimate goal is to motivate and inspire those who need a little nudge and encouragement to break past their barriers and prove we are limitless.

Jan 12 - 1:00pm


Achieving Your DTM by 2020

Become a Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM)

Have you heard that the LEGACY Education program will sunset on June 30, 2020 and you want to earn your DTM? 

Attend this session to:

  • Understand the requirements needed to complete your education and leadership requirements by June 2020
  • Understand the district leader requirements, and how to sign up to be considered for a position this year (you have until June 30, 2020 to complete this CRITICAL requirement)
  • Understand what an HPL project is, and what is required to complete the requirement
  • Help decide whether to refocus your efforts on Pathways

Kathy Hughes, DTM, joined Toastmasters in October 2010. In Founder’s District, Kathy has served as an Area Director, Division Director, Pathways Ambassador, Club Retention Chair, and Conference Co-Chair. She has been a successful Club Coach and Club Sponsor, and was most recently recognized this past October with the Founder’s District Spirit of Excellence Award.

Jan 12 - 2:00pm


Stop! Look! Listen! - Converting Guests to Club Members

Now that your club has guests coming in the door...what do you do now?  How can the club convert them into members?  STOP! LOOK! LISTEN!  The goal of this workshop is to see the experience through the eyes of a potential member, making the club experience optimal for all.  You don’t want to miss this informative and empowering workshop!

Ann Shimizu has been in Toastmasters for 12 years and achieved her Distinguished Toastmaster designation in 2017.  She is the current Division G Director and has held every officer role within the club.  Ann is the immediate past President of her home club and lead them to be President's Distinguished last year.

Jan 12 - 2:00pm


Social Media for Fun and Profit

Learn how to post relevant and compelling content to maintain and increase your business or club’s membership. Decide to have fun and enjoy yourself while you make a profit.

 Leveraging Social Media is as easy as one, two, three! In this workshop you will:

  1. Discover what your target audience wants to see and read.
  2. Understand 5 key ways to engage your visitors.
  3. Highlight success with a simple schedule.

Master these three steps to maintain and increase your Toastmasters membership and customers. PLUS all attendees will receive bonus material on award-winning websites and an easy to follow action plan.

Michael Varma is a magician, author, and award-winning instructor who reveals trade secretsin his books, educational games and workshops for your success. He is a two-time winner of the Diamond Web Award for outstanding website design and social media. His brand of edu-tainment earned him the Governor’s Citation for “extraordinary public relations.”  Michael Varma was recognized, directly from White House for his innovation in marketing for Toastmasters International.

Jan 12 - 2:00pm


District Leadership - The Role of the Area Director

An Area Director is THEEE most important role in District Leadership.

Have you ever wondered, "What is an Area Director's responsibilities?" Are you ready to explore a leadership role beyond your club? Are you looking to "serve a one-year term as a district officer" but have no idea where to start?  Come to this session and learn about this district leadership role.

Members that want to earn their DTM by 2020 need a year as a District Leader, and the Area Director is the best role to complete that reaquirement.  

Cliff has been a Toastmaster since before the turn of the century and has served in most of the club officer roles. In 2015, he became the Area G6 Director. In 2016, he was the Division G Director and was named Division Director of the Year.

Jan 12 - 2:00pm


We build new clubs and support all clubs in achieving excellence.

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