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Saturday, 29 July 2017 19:29 Written by

Club Growth Incentives For Clubs


Join the District

All Newly Chartered Clubs

Get a Club Banner and ONE of the following items: * Banner stand * Lectern * Timing Lights

Join the Club

Clubs that have an Open House, and add 2 or more new members within 2 meetings after the open house date

  • Choice of one Diamond Club Gift
    NOTE: Must send a copy of the Open House flyer AND the names of the new members to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Fill the Dugout

Grow Your Club Membership

  • Paid membership of base + 5 on October 1st, 2018 OR Paid membership of base +10 on April 1, 2019 earn a choice of one Diamond Club Gift

    • First 20 clubs to add 10 or more new members in the year and maintain their base membership, get invited to our June Founder’s District All Star event

    • Add 5 new members during SMEDLEY AWARD (Aug 1-Sept 30) or TALK UP TOASTMASTERS (Feb 1 - Mar 30) or BEAT THE CLOCK (May 1 - June 30) - earn a Club Banner Ribbon from Toastmasters International

    • Clubs 12 or under on 7/1/18, grow to 15 or more paid members by 3/15/19 earn a choice of one Diamond Club Gift, and get invited to the June Founder's District All Star event

Youth Rock

Clubs that sponsor a Youth Leadership Program (YLP)

  • At the program start, receive a set of YLP Manuals + up to 10 additional participant manuals

    • At the program completion receive $25 TI Gifts, plus receive club recognition at the next District event (Club's choice of lectern banner, ballots and ribbon packs, or Pathways Ribbon Pack)


Clubs that participate in the Adopt-A-Club program, and help their adoptee club reach Distinguished

  • Earn Toastmaster name badges for your members that participated

    • Get invited to our June Founder’s District All Star event

    • Receive club recognition at the next District event

Founder's District All Star Event Invitation

Add 10+ new members above base, OR Earn 10 or more DCP OR Members who complete two or more Paths (2018-2019) OR Successful Club Coaches, OR Adopt-a-Club and help the adopted club become DISTINGUISHED by 5/15/19 OR earn a DTM OR have 100% Pathway Enabled membership (email roster to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) OR low member clubs that reach 15+ members

  • Earn an invitation for your club to attend the June 2019 Founder's District All Star Event. Includes games, lunch, an inspirational speaker, AND fun activities!


Clubs that participate in the Adopt-A-Club program, and help their adoptee club reach Distinguished

  • Earn Toastmaster name badges for your members that participated (or a $50 club Pizza Party)

  • Get invited to our May Founder’s District All Star event

  • Receive club recognition at the next District event

Select ONE of the following gifts:

1. Lectern Banner

2. Guest Book and Club Ribbon packs (Best Speaker, Best Table Topic or Best Evaluator)

3. Table Topic Chat Pack and a Club Ribbon Pack

4. Pathways Ribbon Pack (40 Level Completion Ribbons)

Saturday, 29 July 2017 19:28 Written by

Club Growth Incentives For Members


Grow the District

Members who submit a new club lead that converts into a chartered club

Earn a choice of one Diamond Club Gift and get invited to our June Founder’s District All Star event

Grow the Division

Divisions that charter three clubs
by April 15th

Get invited to our June Founder’s District All Star event and receive special recognition at the conference for the Division Team. Note: Division Director can recognize up to 8 team members

Grow the Area

Area Directors that have +1 Clubs from base, and have 100% clubs that have are at 20 members or +5 from base by March 31st and September 30th,

Earn a choice of one Diamond Club Gift and the clubs are invited to the June Founder’s District All Star Event

Help Them Succeed

  • New Club Mentors whose clubs become Distinguished within their first year, and maintain membership at Charter strength (20 members or more) at their first renewal.

    • Club Coaches who get their club to Distinguished by June 30th, 2019

Receive personalized gift, earn ALS credit as a successful coach or mentor, and receive special recognition at the August 2019 District Awards Night

Founder's District All Star Event Invitation

Earn Grow the Area, Grow the Division or Grow the District Awards above.

Earn an invitation for you to attend the June, 2019 Founder's District All Star Event. Includes lunch, an inspirational speaker, and fun activities!

Select ONE of the following gifts:

1. Lectern Banner

2. Guest Book and Club Ribbon packs (Best Speaker, Best Table Topic or Best Evaluator)

3. Table Topic Chat Pack and a Club Ribbon Pack

4. Pathways Ribbon Pack (40 Level Completion Ribbons)

Wednesday, 03 February 2016 04:27

Membership Incentives

Written by

Incentives for 2016-2017

Saturday, 01 August 2015 03:50

New Clubs

Written by

Please welcome our newest clubs in our District.

Friday, 10 July 2015 01:54

Adopt-A-Club Program

Written by

The purpose of this program is to strengthen low member clubs in situations that require more than a simple club coach. This also gives additional leadership opportunities for club members participating in the Adopt-A-Club Program. The District will benefit by increased member and club retention, and raise the number of distinguished clubs in the District.

How it works

Strong clubs with 20 or more members adopt a low member club in the area and become responsible for that club’s well being. Clubs who participate assign a member to lead the program as a High Performance Leadership project. The HPL leader should recruit other club members to become the action, or “rescue”, team and assist the HPL leader in working with the adopted club. The HPL leader should appoint one or two experienced members to be designated as the official Club Coach on approval of the Club Growth Director and the District Director.

Once approved, the HPL leader, coaches, and rescue team begin working with the adopted club to set up a plan for the club to become a distinguished club with 20 or more members. The adopting club shall be fully responsible for the success of the adopted club. The rescue team should begin by conducting a Moments of Truth exercise with the adopted club and follow up with a report and action plan to restore the club to its distinguished status. The rescue team shall make periodic reports back to their club to report on progress and receive suggestions for improving or adjusting the plan going forward. The club coaches shall also make reports back to the Adopt-A-Club District Chairperson or the Club Growth Director. The project ends when the adopted club achieves its distinguished goals.

Clubs that have succeeded in the Adopt-A-Club Program shall be recognized and receive a special plaque to be presented at the next District Conference. The HPL leader and members of the rescue team may also receive special awards presented by the Club Growth Director. The club coaches shall also receive Advanced Leader credit as a successful club coach.


Clubs participating in the Adopt-A-Club program must be distinguished clubs with 20 or more members. Acceptance of the program must be approved by a majority vote of its members. The designated club coaches must be approved by the Club Growth Director or the District Director. Clubs that are adopted shall be clubs with 12 or less members at the time of adoption and assignment of the club coaches. The officers of the adopted club must agree to be adopted and be willing to work with the rescue team.

To begin participating in the Adopt-A-Club Program, you just register with the District by completing the on-line form:
Register Now

District Chair

The Club Growth Director has appointed the Club Mentor/Club Coach Chairperson to manage the Adopt-A-Club program. The chairperson will seek out eligible clubs and educate and encourage the clubs to participate in the Adopt-A-Club program. The chairperson will also monitor the progress of clubs participating in the program and report the progress to the Club Growth Director.


  • Eligible clubs that have been approved to participate in the Adopt-A-Club program will receive one High Performance Leadership kit and one Moments Of Truth module.
  • Each club will be granted free ad space in the District Conference programs and other District event programs while the clubs are actively engaged in the Adopt-A-Club program.
  • Participating clubs will be recognized in the Founder Newsletter and the Founder’s District web site.
  • The successful adopting club will receive a $100 gift certificate for the Toastmasters International store, special recognition at the next District Conference, and a commemorative plaque for the club.
  • The first club to succeed prior to the 2016 Spring Conference on April 30 will receive special VIP Red Carpet treatment for any club members attending the Spring Conference. The winning club will have a reserved table for members of the club and be provided a dedicated hospitality crew to attend their needs during the entire conference.



Sunday, 07 April 2013 21:06

Youth Leadership Program

Written by

YouthLeadershipWhat is the Youth Leadership Program?

The Youth Leadership Program is designed to help young people develop effective communication skills, leadership skills and self-confidence. Participants are typically under 18 years old.

How much does it cost for the participants?

There is no fee to participants. The sponsoring club provides all materials; such as the Participant's Handbook.

What is the incentive for parents of the participants or the community at large?

The Youth Leadership Program gives parents an opportunity to provide their children the skills to meet the challenges in school and professional life. The program fosters growth and teaches valuable skills necessary to become tomorrow's leaders in industry and in the community.

Who can coordinate a Youth Leadership program?

Any experienced toastmaster that has completed six or more projects in the Competent Communication manual may conduct a Youth Leadership Program. The program must be approved and sponsored by your Toastmaster club. The club President appoints a program coordinator who, in turn, may appoint an assistant.

What is the benefit to the Youth Leadership Program coordinator?

The coordinator will enjoy time with the young leaders of tomorrow, learn and develop teaching skills and receive credit towards their Advanced Communicator Gold (ACG) award. By sponsoring and coordinating a program, clubs and coordinators promote Toastmasters in the community.

Where do you find participants?

There are many sources to find young people: local civic clubs such as YMCA, religious groups, schools and the community at large. Each program should have a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 25 participants. The ideal number is 15 to 20 participants.

What is the content of the program?

The program consists of eight sessions with each session lasting about 1–2 hours. Participants learn to prepare an organized speech, present ideas logically, listen effectively, evaluate what they have heard, offer advice and to conduct effective business meetings. Activities taking place in the eight sessions include the following:

  • Evaluation of present speaking ability
  • Discussion of chairmanship principles
  • Presentation of speeches
  • Impromptu talks
  • Group evaluation
  • Discussion of speech organization
  • Discussion and practice in listening
  • Discussion of gestures in speaking
  • Discussion of voice and vocabulary
  • Exercise in chairmanship

Where can I find help?

Notify the Founder's District Youth Leadership chair if you are coordinating a program.

We'll be pleased to monitor your progress and provide assistance if needed.

Sunday, 07 April 2013 20:43

Types of Clubs

Written by

From civic halls to board rooms, public libraries to government agencies, restaurants to retirement centers, Toastmasters clubs are in communities, businesses, and organizations, small and large, throughout the world. Toastmasters has several types of clubs, including the following categories:


  • Community Club
  • College Club
  • Company Club
  • Government Agency
  • Advanced Toastmasters
  • Military Club
  • Other Institution or Specialized Club
  • Correctional Institution

Most clubs, however, fall into one of two general categories: "Community" clubs or "Company" clubs. Within each category a club may be either an "open" club or a "closed" club having specific membership requirements.

Community Clubs

Most new Toastmasters Clubs are formed in cities where other clubs already exist. However, there are thousands of communities large enough to support at least one Club but don’t presently have a Toastmasters Club. Community Clubs in urban areas whose membership is open to anyone are very common; these exist in every Toastmasters District, but a tremendous number of new club opportunities still exist in this market. They can be difficult to build unless you conduct a planned, organized campaign.

Company Clubs

Nearly half of the new Toastmasters clubs being formed fall into this category. Corporations, government agencies, and other organizations recognize that Toastmasters offers the most effective, cost-efficient form of communication training available.

Open Versus Closed Clubs

Most Toastmasters Clubs are open to any interested individuals. The membership of some clubs, referred to as “closed” Clubs, is restricted to a certain group of people. This most often occurs when a company forms a club for its employees only.

Membership is not restricted according to age (except those persons under 18 years of age - see Youth Leadership Program), race, color, creed, sex, national or ethnic origin, sexual orientation, marital or veteran status, or physical or mental disability, so long as the individual is able to participate in the program.

As you organize a Toastmasters Club you’ll need some specific materials. The most important of these is this manual, How to Build a Toastmasters Club: A Step-by-Step Guide.

Sunday, 07 April 2013 20:51

Start a New Club

Written by


Toastmasters is truly a grass roots organization. Each club begins from the seeds of volunteers who grow strong in the rich soil of speeches, evaluations, and leadership activities. Just as with living plants, individual Toastmasters clubs were always meant to grow and multiply. As a member looking to advance your leadership skills, you can be the one to plant a growing, vibrant club in new soil.

You already enjoy the benefits of membership in Toastmasters. Starting a new club magnifies those benefits, both for you and for the members who join. Not only will you experience the wonder of seeing new participants grow in confidence in their speaking and presenting abilities, but you will also earn credit toward your Advanced Leader Silver award.

New Club First Steps

New club development is a significant move forward in your Toastmasters growth. Your first step on this journey involves identifying the need for a startup club.

  • Is there a geographical location not currently served by a club?
  • Is there a corporation with more than 350 employees not currently served by a club?
  • Are there communities or cultural groups that could benefit from Toastmasters?
  • If you speak a foreign language, is there a need for a local club that focuses on that language?
  • What is the key industry in your area? Does it have a vertically-focused Toastmasters group?

The Founder’s District’s New Clubs Coordinator is ready to discuss your prospective club idea. We will work with you to plan out a schedule and meeting structure, prepare a sample club meeting, and determine how to best reach out to prospective members.

Support Opportunities

Each new club needs two mentors to provide guidance during the first six months of meetings. If you derive satisfaction from seeing others succeed in a new endeavor, contact the Sponsor/Mentor Coordinator at the Founder’s District to prepare for this rewarding service.

The District also has a “Demonstration Team” that shows perspective companies and club members what Toastmasters is all about. Volunteers are needed as Toastmaster, Speaker, Table Topics Master, Evaluator, General Evaluator, and Timer. To assist upcoming clubs through this support role, contact the Founder’s District office.

Sunday, 07 April 2013 21:15


Written by

The Speechcraft program is a great way to promote Toastmasters and increase membership in your clubs. It allows prospective members to experience first-hand what Toastmasters is all about before deciding to join as new members.

By following the Speechcraft progam guidelines, seasoned Toastmasters are able to present the fundamentals of public speaking to prospective members in an atmosphere of a Toastmasters club meeting. The program may be conducted in four, six, or eight sessions as part of the club’s regular meeting or outside the club, at a different location and time.

The minimum number of participants required is five. If the program is presented as part of the regular club meetings, up to 10 participants can be accommodated. For programs presented outside the club, more participants can easily be accommodated.

Conducting the Speechcraft program at least once a year helps clubs gain new members. In addition, existing members become more involved and are able to practice and hone their leadership and communication skills.

Clubs may charge a reasonable fee for conducting any Success/Communication and Success/Leadership program for non-members. The fee should cover program expenses (materials, refreshments, room rental). Any remaining money must be placed in the club’s treasury. No individuals, educational institutions or other organizations may derive financial gain either directly or indirectly from the presentation of these programs. You are asked to report anyone doing so to World Headquarters.

Sunday, 07 April 2013 03:32


Written by

Mission of the Club Growth Director:


Develop a sound overall marketing plan in conjunction with district team members, focusing on making Toastmasters available to more people while also emphasizing a dedication to member service.


Implement short and long-term district marketing plans for new club development, club rescue efforts, club membership promotion and membership retention in existing community and corporate clubs.


  1. Marketing Technical Advisor
  2. New Clubs Chair
  3. Club Coaching
  4. Youth Leadership
  5. Sponsor/Mentor Chair
  6. Speechcraft

Job Description:

  1. Serve as third-ranking member of the executive committee, presiding over that body and the district council in the absence of the District Director and Program Quality Director.
  2. Direct and coordinate the marketing strategies and activities necessary to achieve district growth objectives.
  3. Direct membership development and retention programs, encouraging achievement of reasonable growth targets.
  4. Monitor division, area and club administration ensuring the prompt submission of complete club dues renewal reports to World Headquarters and club officer lists to World Headquarters and District Director.
  5. Monitor the Area Club Assistance Program and the submission of Area Report of Club Visit forms to the District Director. In tandem with division directors, the Club Growth Director encourages area directors to visit clubs frequently in order to strengthen member satisfaction and membership-building efforts.
  6. Implement programs to assist weak clubs and bring them to a level of 20 or more members.


  1. Develop a strong district marketing program to build new clubs in corporations and the community.
  2. Recruit, train and maintain a strong club building team.
  3. Recruit and train club mentors and club coaches.
  4. Manage district recognition programs that ensure club and membership builders are recognized by the district and the community.
  5. Work in conjunction with the District Public Relations Manager to maximize district marketing efforts through internal and external promotions.
  6. Prepare his or her successor to assume office, completing the steps necessary for an orderly transfer of the office by June 30.


Spread the benefits of Toastmasters to others by starting a new club in your area or organization. It's easy to get started.

  • Develop Strong Communication Skills
  • Unlimited Personal Growth
  • Build Confidence And Productivity
  • Career Advancement


Located in beautiful Southern California, Founder's District is the birthplace of Toastmasters International, serving clubs in Los Angeles and Orange Counties since 1944.

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