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There is a lot that goes on in our District to fulfill our mission to build new clubs and support all clubs in achieving excellence. Below are just a few of the interesting activities for you to explore. Look around and learn more about the people and programs that make Founder's District great! 

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Twice a year the District provides club officer training and world class Leadership and Communication workshops.

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Daniel Cossack

Daniel Cossack

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Are you an ambitious speaker in Southern California? If so, you must be at the Toastmasters Founder's District Conference November 7-8, 2014.

Wednesday, 06 March 2013 15:21

Officer Roles and Positions


Leadership Positions
We're currently taking applications for the following leadership roles within Founders.  Take a look, read the duties, and apply using the forms supplied below.


      Duties of the District Officers

      District Governor

      • The District Governor shall report to and take direction from the District Council in matters pertaining to District organization, programs, and procedures, but the District Governor shall be ultimately responsible to the Board of Directors in the exercise of his or her powers and duties.
      • The District Governor shall uphold and promote the purposes of Toastmasters International in the District.
      • As the representative of Toastmasters International, the District Governor, personally and through the Lieutenant Governors, shall carry out the programs approved by the Board of Directors and the District Council.
      • The District Governor presides at all meetings of the District Council and the District Executive Committee; fills such appointive offices as are provided for in these Administrative Bylaws, subject to the approval of the District Executive Committee and confirmation by the District Council; authorizes withdrawals of District funds, in the manner and to the extent provided in Article XII of these Administrative Bylaws; and must approve all withdrawals chargeable to the District on the books of Toastmasters International.
      • By the published deadlines, the District Governor shall submit to the Board of Directors any reports that may be required by the Board of Directors.
      • The District Governor shall provide to each member Club in this District and to World Headquarters, copies of the adopted budget, the report of the Audit Committee, and such other reports as the Board of Directors from time to time may require.
      • The District Governor shall furnish World Headquarters with such information as the Board of Directors from time to time may require before the District shall be eligible to withdraw funds of Toastmasters International authorized by the Board of Directors for District activities and operations.

        Lieutenant Governor Education and Training

        • The Lieutenant Governor Education and Training is the second ranking member of the District Executive Committee, and presides over that body and the District Council in the absence of the District Governor.
        • The Lieutenant Governor Education and Training assists the Education Committees of the member Clubs and Areas and Divisions of the District in utilizing the educational programs and materials of Toastmasters International and has the responsibility for: the training of all Division, Area and Club Officers; the preparing and conducting of educational programs for District Conferences; the supervising and coordinating of District-wide speech contests; and the formulating of specific educational recognition programs.
        • The Lieutenant Governor Education and Training shall attend District Council meetings.

          Lieutenant Governor Marketing

          • The Lieutenant Governor Marketing is the third ranking member of the District Executive Committee, and presides over that body and the District Council in the absence of the District Governor and Lieutenant Governor Education and Training.
          • The Lieutenant Governor Marketing is responsible for the development, direction, and coordination of an overall marketing plan necessary for building new member Clubs; the increase in individual membership and retaining members in the District; the recruitment and training of District marketing teams; and the formulation of specific membership building recognition programs.
          • The Lieutenant Governor Marketing shall attend District Council meetings.
          • The Public Relations Officer serves under the direction of the District Governor and is responsible for the development and administration of a public relations program that will provide improved understanding by individual members of Clubs and the public of the opportunities available for personal development in the Toastmasters International Communication and Leadership programs.

            Division Governors

            • The Division Governors shall coordinate the activities of Area Governors within the Division, and provide Area Officers with a supervisory head for counsel, information, and service.

            Area Governors

            • The Area Governors shall be responsible for the member Clubs within their Areas and shall represent the District Governor and, if applicable, the Division Governor to the Clubs in their Areas. As presiding Officer of the Area Council, the Area Governor shall hold regular Area Council Meetings, and shall appoint (or provide for the election by Clubs in the Area of) an Area staff for the conduct of Area activities between Area Council Meetings.
            • The Area Governor shall perform such other duties as the District Governor and District Council may prescribe.

            District Secretary

            • The District Secretary shall have custody of this District’s Administrative Bylaws and all other records and documents of this District; shall keep the minutes of the meetings of the District Council and District Executive Committee; and shall transmit the same to the successor.
            • The District Secretary shall have charge of all District correspondence, and shall perform such other duties as may be prescribed by the District Governor or District Council.

              District Treasurer

              • The District Treasurer shall have charge of all funds and other personal property of the District and shall transmit the accounts and all undistributed funds to the successor.
              • The District Treasurer shall disburse all funds upon order of the District Governor, as provided herein, and shall perform such other duties as may be prescribed by the District Governor or District Council.
              Monday, 04 March 2013 22:05

              Meeting Location and Format

              Audience_web_v1VISIT FOR FREE !

              The Founder’s District Speakers’ Bureau meets on the  second Wednesday of every month from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m.with  networking 30 minutes before and after the meeting.

              "It's the best two hours of Toastmasters."

              ~ Victor Broski



              Provide candid to-the-point suggestions and direct evaluations of how an audience actually thinks and responds to the material presented in order to improve a speaker's content and encourage a higher level of presentation. Conduct monthly educational workshops on speech related topics including bookings, marketing, publicity, one-sheets, pricing, audio equipment, and much more.


              Meeting Format:

              • 20 minute educational session
              • Two 20 minutes qualifying presentations
              • Round-robin, real-world critiques
              • Video taped sessions for review
              • Shared speaking experiences
              • Networking opportunities
              • Monthly newsletter
              • Speakers' Profiles
              On the corner of Chapman and Lewis, near the 5, 22, and 57 freeway junction.
              Crystal Cathedral
              Family Center Building 3rd floor
              12141 Lewis Street
              Garden Grove, CA 92840

              For speaking opportunities at other Toastmasters clubs, also see: Speakers Exchange


              Initial content above compiled and documented by  Michael Varma, ACG, ALS, Founder's District Public Relations Office 2009-2010

              Sunday, 07 April 2013 03:32


              Mission of the Club Growth Director:


              Develop a sound overall marketing plan in conjunction with district team members, focusing on making Toastmasters available to more people while also emphasizing a dedication to member service.


              Implement short and long-term district marketing plans for new club development, club rescue efforts, club membership promotion and membership retention in existing community and corporate clubs.


              1. Marketing Technical Advisor
              2. New Clubs Chair
              3. Club Coaching
              4. Youth Leadership
              5. Sponsor/Mentor Chair
              6. Speechcraft

              Job Description:

              1. Serve as third-ranking member of the executive committee, presiding over that body and the district council in the absence of the District Director and Program Quality Director.
              2. Direct and coordinate the marketing strategies and activities necessary to achieve district growth objectives.
              3. Direct membership development and retention programs, encouraging achievement of reasonable growth targets.
              4. Monitor division, area and club administration ensuring the prompt submission of complete club dues renewal reports to World Headquarters and club officer lists to World Headquarters and District Director.
              5. Monitor the Area Club Assistance Program and the submission of Area Report of Club Visit forms to the District Director. In tandem with division directors, the Club Growth Director encourages area directors to visit clubs frequently in order to strengthen member satisfaction and membership-building efforts.
              6. Implement programs to assist weak clubs and bring them to a level of 20 or more members.


              1. Develop a strong district marketing program to build new clubs in corporations and the community.
              2. Recruit, train and maintain a strong club building team.
              3. Recruit and train club mentors and club coaches.
              4. Manage district recognition programs that ensure club and membership builders are recognized by the district and the community.
              5. Work in conjunction with the District Public Relations Manager to maximize district marketing efforts through internal and external promotions.
              6. Prepare his or her successor to assume office, completing the steps necessary for an orderly transfer of the office by June 30.
              Monday, 31 December 2012 02:22


              Thursday, 05 March 2015 04:18

              Leadership With a Personal Touch

              Ede photo 2010 2

              People often believe that true leaders are born; that somehow, at birth they were given the leadership gene.  If you are one of those people who feel that you weren’t blessed with that gene, International Director Ede Ferrari-D’Angelo is going to prove to you that the following words by leadership expert Warren Bennis are true- “leaders are made, not born”. If that sounds familiar, think about the Toastmasters tag line, Where Leaders are Made.  Coincidence?  Perhaps.

              Like many people who join Toastmasters, Ede joined to improve her communication skills. Over her 27 year journey, she found herself frequently in positions where she was required to manage, lead and coach.  Through that Ede has developed her own approach to leadership, which she will share with you in her session titled Leadership with a Personal Touch.

              Ede Ferrari-D’Angelo, a Toastmaster since 1987, is a past Founder’s District Governor, Brand Ambassador, and Region Advisor.  She was elected to the Toastmasters Board of Directors last August, in Malaysia, and will serve until August 2016. Of all the quotes by Toastmaster Founder, Ralph Smedley, the one that resonates with Ede most is “people learn best in times of enjoyment”.  She feels that with Toastmasters she is either preparing for or going to a party, because every experience in the organization is so much fun.

              We know you will enjoy this session with Ede.

              Thursday, 04 July 2013 15:54

              Leadership & Communication Experience

              Welcome to Founder's District LACE, Leadership & Communication Experience!


              LACE is an opportunity for our members and club officers to obtain high-level training and information on topics that will drive their success. It was originally developed to supplement Toastmasters club officer training requirements, but because of its high-quality, interactive workshops, it has emerged as a well-known and admired curriculum throughout the region. LACE is unique to Founder’s District in affordability, scope, value, quality, diversity, and excellence.

              LACE offers training for club officers, advanced officer experiences, judges and chief judge training.

              LACE is for EVERYONE! All club members are welcome!


              Registration is $15 and includes a box lunch. You'll get a $5 discount if you are a member of a club that had all 7 officers trained during the last training period.

              Parking is located in the underground parking lot on Walnut Ave. Please download and print out a parking permit and bring with you to LACE.

              Check-in at Beckman Hall (not Argyros Forum which is under construction). Turn right at the top of the steps from the underground parking lot and follow the signs. Easy to find.

              register now

              Keynote Speaker - Josephine Lee

              Photo of Josephine Lee



              Chapman UniversityJanuary 20, 2018. LACE will be held at the Chapman University campus at 1 University Drive, Orange, CA 92866, at the corner of Glassell and Walnut Avenue. Registration and workshops will be located in Beckman Hall.


              Monday, 20 August 2012 22:06

              L.A.C.E. Training


              Leadership and Communication Expo.

              Twice a year, Founder's District conducts officer training for its members with a full day of leadership training and educational workshops.

              Read More
              Thursday, 08 November 2012 06:06

              Knotts Chicken Dinner Restaurant


              8039 Beach Blvd., Buena Park, CA 90620

              Mrs. Knott's Chicken Dinner Restaurant is located at the main entrance to the Knott's Berry Farm Theme Park. The park is located just south of the 91 and 5 freeways. Free 3-hour parking is available to guests visiting the Chicken Dinner Restaurant. There is an additional $4 charge every 1/2 hour with a maximum of $20.

              The menu includes Mrs. Knott's famous fried chicken with biscuits, mashed potatoes and gravy, boysenberry pie and a beverage. Vegetarian options will be available.

              View Larger Map

              Saturday, 29 December 2012 23:30

              Judges Bureau

              The Founder’s District Judges Bureau sends trained judges to provide unbiased scores and adhere to the organizations’ contest rules. Your contributions as a judge are vital and ensure the audience and contestants feel confident winners are deserving and best represent their institution.

              These events provide our members the opportunity to help young people gain valuable speaking experience and receive supportive feedback to learn and grow. It’s also a chance for Toastmasters to give back to the community.

              Community Judging Opportunites

              Well-trained, impartial, and professional quality Toastmaster judges are needed for the following community youth contests:

              • Academic Decathlon
              • RotarySpeech Contests
              • Lions Club SpeechContest
              • High School Academic Competitions
              • National Management Association Speech Contest


              If you’re already a trained judge, we need your expertise to help guide our future leaders. If you want to become a trained judge, we’ll assist you to achieve your goal.

              Contact Avis French today at (949) 667-0682 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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