Adopt-A-Club Program

The purpose of this program is to strengthen low member clubs in situations that require more than a simple club coach. This also gives additional leadership opportunities for club members participating in the Adopt-A-Club Program. The District will benefit by increased member and club retention, and raise the number of distinguished clubs in the District.

How it works

Strong clubs with 20 or more members adopt a low member club in the area and become responsible for that club’s well being. Clubs who participate assign a member to lead the program as a High Performance Leadership project. The HPL leader should recruit other club members to become the action, or “rescue”, team and assist the HPL leader in working with the adopted club. The HPL leader should appoint one or two experienced members to be designated as the official Club Coach on approval of the Club Growth Director and the District Director.

Once approved, the HPL leader, coaches, and rescue team begin working with the adopted club to set up a plan for the club to become a distinguished club with 20 or more members. The adopting club shall be fully responsible for the success of the adopted club. The rescue team should begin by conducting a Moments of Truth exercise with the adopted club and follow up with a report and action plan to restore the club to its distinguished status. The rescue team shall make periodic reports back to their club to report on progress and receive suggestions for improving or adjusting the plan going forward. The club coaches shall also make reports back to the Adopt-A-Club District Chairperson or the Club Growth Director. The project ends when the adopted club achieves its distinguished goals.

Clubs that have succeeded in the Adopt-A-Club Program shall be recognized and receive a special plaque to be presented at the next District Conference. The HPL leader and members of the rescue team may also receive special awards presented by the Club Growth Director. The club coaches shall also receive Advanced Leader credit as a successful club coach.


Clubs participating in the Adopt-A-Club program must be distinguished clubs with 20 or more members. Acceptance of the program must be approved by a majority vote of its members. The designated club coaches must be approved by the Club Growth Director or the District Director. Clubs that are adopted shall be clubs with 12 or less members at the time of adoption and assignment of the club coaches. The officers of the adopted club must agree to be adopted and be willing to work with the rescue team.

To begin participating in the Adopt-A-Club Program, you just register with the District by completing the on-line form:
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District Chair

The Club Growth Director has appointed the Club Mentor/Club Coach Chairperson to manage the Adopt-A-Club program. The chairperson will seek out eligible clubs and educate and encourage the clubs to participate in the Adopt-A-Club program. The chairperson will also monitor the progress of clubs participating in the program and report the progress to the Club Growth Director.


  • Eligible clubs that have been approved to participate in the Adopt-A-Club program will receive one High Performance Leadership kit and one Moments Of Truth module.
  • Each club will be granted free ad space in the District Conference programs and other District event programs while the clubs are actively engaged in the Adopt-A-Club program.
  • Participating clubs will be recognized in the Founder Newsletter and the Founder’s District web site.
  • The successful adopting club will receive a $100 gift certificate for the Toastmasters International store, special recognition at the next District Conference, and a commemorative plaque for the club.
  • The first club to succeed prior to the 2016 Spring Conference on April 30 will receive special VIP Red Carpet treatment for any club members attending the Spring Conference. The winning club will have a reserved table for members of the club and be provided a dedicated hospitality crew to attend their needs during the entire conference.



Clubs with 12 members or less
Area Club # Club Name Chartered     DCP Base To Date
0D-0 7471664 Irvine CA Pros Club 1969-12-31     0 0 0
0D-0 7717625 OneDigital 1969-12-31     0 0 0
A-1 4317506 CU Toastmasters 2015-04-14 3 10 9
A-2 1364105 Stand and Deliver 2010-10-10   2 9 12
A-3 6498713 Social Justice Warriors 2017-06-01     1 9 8
A-4 4438 Civil Speakers Toastmasters Club 1981-03-01 0 18 9
B-1 6036543 SSA Trailblazers 2017-03-03     4 17 11
B-2 4942689 Schneider Electric - Costa Mesa 2015-09-30     4 10 12
B-3 615 Zingers Toastmasters Club 1980-10-01   1 10 10
B-4 624723 Money Talks Irvine Toastmasters Club 2004-04-28 4 10 10
B-4 4361086 3030 Communicators 2015-02-04     1 18 3
C-2 999941 Speak Easies 2007-02-08   2 13 10
C-3 179 Huntington Beach Rise & Shine Toastmasters Club #179 1963-05-01 1 12 8
C-3 1498166 Huntington Beach Toastmasters 2010-06-08   5 20 11
C-4 100 Christian Century Toastmasters Club 1938-02-01 5 13 11
D-5 4313536 US Bank Michelson Toastmasters Club 2014-10-30   2 10 9
E-1 691 Mesa Messengers Club 1976-11-01   2 12 9
E-1 1927 HarborLites Club 1958-05-01   6 10 9
E-1 2982484 Lensmasters 2013-03-04 2 12 9
E-2 964945 Grub N Gab 2007-04-05   5 18 12
E-4 1537909 imadesign 2010-09-29   0 17 0
E-4 4875458 Care Credit Toasters 2015-10-15     2 10 9
F-1 4016879 Lightly Toasted 2015-04-01     3 11 9
F-1 4086224 Schneider Electric - Lake Forest Toastmasters 2014-09-01   3 12 12
F-2 3672902 Irvine Project Masters 2014-06-20 8 20 10
F-3 4562492 Candid Speaking Superstars 2015-03-30   6 21 12
F-3 4646952 9400 Toastmasters Club 2015-04-14     6 9 11
F-4 2505960 KBB Toastmasters 2012-10-01     3 18 12
F-4 6536541 Ware Malcomb - Irvine 2017-06-27     0 9 0
F-5 4637 Nihon Kohden Toastmasters 1998-03-01 2 8 9
F-5 4070049 OC Toastmasters: Encore 2014-09-29     3 9 9
F-5 5526329 KPMG OC 2016-06-17   0 10 0
G-1 5331293 Ace of Clubs 2016-04-29   3 13 12
G-2 1707 Dana Harbor Toastmasters 1974-06-01 2 9 11
G-2 7682922 Toasted Montessorians Toastmasters Club 1969-12-31     0 0 0
G-5 7208551 The Brave Little Toastmasters 2018-11-19     1 15 9
Total Clubs: 36


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