1944 – The Founding

Founder’s District began operations on July 1, 1944. Prior to that, it was the Eastern Division of District 1. At an Eastern Division Council meeting, February 18, 1944, Graham J. Albright, then Governor of the Eastern Division, appointed a committee to study the advisability of dividing District 1.

At a Toastmasters International Board of Directors meeting on July 28, 1944, James Barnet, Governor of District 1, moved the approval of a request for final division; the motion carried. Governor Barnet then presented Graham J. Albright as the first Governor of Founder’s District.

Governor Albright is credited with suggesting the name “Founder’s” for the new district. The title is said to have come to him in a dream. The name was submitted to the Eastern Division Council which received it enthusiastically. It was approved later by Toastmasters International Board of Directors as the official name for the newly formed district.

Founder’s District began operations with three areas, simply “1”, “2” and “3”. There were 18 clubs in the district, six in each area. Six new clubs were chartered and area “4” was formed during the first year, 1944–1945.