1947-1960 – Organization

The office of “Lieutenant Governor for Districts” was officially approved by Toastmasters International Board of Directors at its 1947 convention. During the remainder of 1947–1948, the District could fill the office by appointment; thereafter it was to become an elective office of the District. Governor R. E. Lee Aldrich did not make an appointment during his term. At the Spring Conference in 1948, L. A. White was elected as the first Lieutenant Governor of Founder’s District for the year 1948–1949.

All District Governors have been elected at annual Spring Council meetings except Harvey L. McPherson. He was elected at the Fall Council meeting in 1952 to fill the vacancy when Wayland A. Dunham resigned to become Associate Educational Director of Toastmasters International.

At the same Fall Council meeting in 1952, the Council passed a resolution asking all clubs of the District to contribute 50 cents per member for allocation to travel expenses of district officers. This practice continued until 1963 when the Board of Directors of Toastmasters International provided additional funds for district operations. The 1952 Fall Council also voted to separate the District into an Eastern and Western Divisions for the purpose of selecting district speech contest participants.

The first District Humorous Speech Contest was held during the year 1954–1955. The District winner was determined immediately after the noon luncheon at the Spring Conference. In 1954 the first District Bulletin, called the All Points Bulletin began publication. The editor was Richard Michter. That bulletin was discontinued after several years.

At the Spring Conference in 1956, the Club Extension Committee recommended that Founder’s District be divided into three Divisions, which was approved by the District Council. The office of “Lieutenant Governor for the District” was changed to “Lieutenant Governor Marketing” at the same conference.

The officers elected to fill the newly established offices were: Paris S. Jackson, Administrative Lt. Governor; John Zimmerman, Lieutenant Governor for Division A; Maurice A. Shebaum, Lieutenant Governor for Division B; and Horton Swicher, Lieutenant Governor for Division C.