Founder's District Toastmasters

Diamond Web Award

Win the Diamond Web Award contest by communicating the benefits of Toastmasters to current and potential members through your web site. Use FREE web designing sites like FreeToastHost2, Google Sites, or your own domain and enter your club’s extraordinary site in the contest today! The winning web master will a prize valued at more than $200.00, which will be announced at the District Conference.



The Diamond Web Award is open to all Toastmasters club web masters in the Founder’s District. The primary web master or a fellow club member must be present at the District Conference to win accept the award.


Deadline for submission is October 1 in the Fall and March 1 in the Spring, and judging will take place the next day, so send an e-mail message NOW to with the following information:

Judging Criteria

Entries will be judged on the site’s CONTENT and PRESENTATION with an emphasis on portraying the benefits of the Toastmasters program to meet personal and professional goals.


1. Promotion (15%)

2. Education (20%)

3. Member Information (20%)

4. Administrative Content (10%)


5. Navigation and Organization (25%)

6. Page Design / Layout (10%)

Please direct questions to the Public Relations Officer at