Judges Bureau

The Founder’s District Judges Bureau sends trained judges to provide unbiased scores and adhere to the organizations’ contest rules. Your contributions as a judge are vital and ensure the audience and contestants feel confident winners are deserving and best represent their institution.

These events provide our members the opportunity to help young people gain valuable speaking experience and receive supportive feedback to learn and grow. It’s also a chance for Toastmasters to give back to the community.

Community Judging Opportunites

Well-trained, impartial, and professional quality Toastmaster judges are needed for the following community youth contests:

  • Academic Decathlon
  • RotarySpeech Contests
  • Lions Club SpeechContest
  • High School Academic Competitions
  • National Management Association Speech Contest

If you’re already a trained judge, we need your expertise to help guide our future leaders. If you want to become a trained judge, we’ll assist you to achieve your goal.

Contact Avis French today at (949) 667-0682 or email community@foundersdistrict.org.