DEC Meeting August 26, 2015

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The DEC meeting was held on Wednesday, August 26, 2015 at the tropical and beautiful Radisson Suites in Buena Park. Our District Director, Pan Kao, presided over the 2014-2015 year end awards/celebration.

Deborah Reisdorph gave an educational presentation about “Pay it Forward with New Clubs.” She encouraged us to reach out to help other Toastmasters and illustrated the importance of mentoring through her inspirational presentation. She encouraged those in attendance to become a part of the committee or a cheerleader to help the District achieve their goal of starting 46 new clubs in the District during the 2015-2016 Toastmasters year. Are you willing be support this effort? If so, please contact Deborah for more details.

The Spirit of Excellence was awarded to Donald F. Foss, Sr., DTM, PDG, who was there to accept this prestigious award along with his son, Donald F. Foss, Jr. Donald is a long time member of the Dynamic Whittier Toastmasters Club #873. He was the 21st District Governor in Founder’s District from 1963 – 1964. Donald has been a Toastmaster since January 1958 and has embraced the Toastmasters program for 57 years. Congratulations to Donald for receiving this prestigious award.

Each Division Director gave a quick 1-2 minute update for the Divisions. Each Division was in the running for the best Division Report to be voted on by those in attendance. The best presentation was awarded to David Moore, Division F Director. He entertained us referring to the Division F accomplishments as a juggling act! He added one tennis ball to each of their accomplishments such as Area/Division Director training, club officer training, club visits, etc. His juggling act was a great way to demonstrate the challenges to each task at hand. Congratulations, David, for providing the best presentation to the audience.

Those in attendance to represent their Divisions were:

Division A Director Nadine Nofziger, DTM
for Vijay Chidambaram, ACB, ALB
Division B Director Michelle Bender, DTM
Division C Director JonClaud Pinto, DTM
Division D Director Tim Hollenbeck, ACB, CL
for Anna Shcherbak, ACB, ALB
Division E Director Lionel Yamantou Ndzogoue, ACS, ALS
Division F Director David Moore, ACS, ALB
Division G Director Ann Shimizu, ACB, ALB
for Marie-Noelle Palermo, ACB, ALB
Division H Director Timofey “Tima” Ovcharenko, ACS, ALB

Since Eric Miller is unable to fulfill his role as Division E Director for personal reasons, Lionnel Yamentou Ndzogoue, ACS, ALS, was announced as the recommended Division E Director. Thank you, Lionnel, for stepping up and accepting this role. We look forward to seeing great things from Division E under your leadership. Thank you, Eric, for your service. Best of luck in your future endeavors.

Division B won the Leader of the Pack award which is a special award given by Pan Kao to the Division Director with the best statistics for new members, club officer training, educational awards, new clubs, etc. Division B leads the District now with 86% of club officers trained and having the most new members of any Division. Congratulations to Michelle Bender and her team for winning this award.

The vision for the “Trio” and the PRM was given by our Public Relations Manager (PRM) – Jill Briscoe, DTM, Club Growth Director (CGD) – Dan Cossack, DTM, Quality Program Director (QPD) – Siri Payakapan, DTM, and District Director (DD) – Pan Kao, DTM.

2014-2015 Awards Presentation

The PRO Awards were presented by Chris Collins, ACB, CL on behalf of Robert Kelleman, DTM.

Richard Daugherty, DTM – Photography Co-Chair
Linda Daugherty – Photography Co-Chair
Linda Ulrich, DTM – PR and Leadership
Michelle Bender, DTM – Writing Champion
Avis French, CTM, CL – PR Award for Judges Bureau & Community Relations
Marie Hulett, DTM – PR Award for Founder’s District Newsletter

The Marketing Awards were presented by Siri Payakapan, DTM.

New Clubs received a customized banner, $100, or lectern + meeting sign.
SCIF Santa Ana Toastmasters – A5
ALN San Gabriel Valley Toastmasters – B6
Community Bank Toastmasters – B7
Kingston Toastmasters – C5
DPSS Training Academy – E2
Spirited Toastmasters – E5
Dialogue by Design – G1
9400 Toastmasters Club – G5

Club Retention from 14 or less and a net gain of 5
Zingers Toastmasters – A4
OC Civic Center Toastmasters Club – A5
HDR Pasadena – B3
Seal Beach Speech Bums – C3
Seal Beach Wordmasters – C3
Tongues-A-Flame Club – D6
ev3 Toastmasters – G5
Power Speakers – H1
Words of Hope Toastmasters – H2
Speaking of Glory – H2

New Club Launch Meeting Functionary Awards were presented to …
Harry Yan, DTM
Lori Shapiro, DTM
John Foley, ACB, CL.

Open House Awards were presented to:
Lideres de Alcance Toastmasters – A1
Ingram Microphones Club – A7
San Gabriel Valley Wine & Dine – B2
Pasadena Presbyterian Church – B2
ACTS Toastmasters Club – B2
Speaking of Glory – H2

Youth Leadership Awards were presented to:
San Gabriel Valley Wine & Dine – B2
Pan Pacific Toastmasters Club – F5

Most New Members Awards were presented to:
Division G Governor – Marshall Northcott, DTM
Area G-4 Governor Marie-Noelle Palermo, ACB, ALB

Club Coach Awards were presented to:
HDR Pasadena – B3 – Daniel Bruce Parks, ACS, ALS
HDR Pasadena – B3 – Meline Ovsan Talarian, DTM
Monterey Park Club – B6 – Hector Mascorro, DTM
Speaking of Glory – H2 – Aaron Nakamura, ACS, ALB

Division 20-Plus Award (Clubs that started with fewer than 12 and moved up to at least 20 members) was presented to …
Divivision G Governor, Marshall Northcott, DTM.

Area 20-Plus Awards were presented to:
Area A2 Governor – Charlotte Drake, ACG, ALB
Area B7 Governor – Hector Mascorro, DTM
Area F6 Governor – David Moore, ACS, ALB

Division Extension Awards were presented to:
Division G Governor – Marshall Northcott, DTM
Division G New Club Chair – John Barry, DTM
Division A Governor – Lori Shapiro, DTM

Area Extension Awards presented to:
Area A2 Governor – Charlotte Drake, ACG, ALB
Area G2 Governor – Linda Robinson, ACB, ALB
Area G5 Governor – Susan de la Portilla, CC, CL

LGM Leader Awards were presented by Siri Payakapan, DTM, to:

LGM Advisor – Harry Yan, DTM, PDG
New Club Chairs – Norm Stein, DTM and Frannie Stein, DTM
Low Members Chair – Cindy Liebeck, DTM
Awards Chair – Ligia I. Molina, DTM
Member Retention Chairs – Jenny Dang, ACG, ALS and Jack Schmidt, DTM
Marketing Chairs – Jason Brady, CC, ALS and Claudia Kabot, ACS, ALB
Launch Team Leaders
     Diane Dee, DTM
     Edward Hill, DTM
     Hector Mascorro, DTM
     Chris Christman, DTM
     Marsha DeGon, DTM
     Amy Jaffke, ACS, ALB
     Les Hawthorne, CC
     Reg Weide, ACB, ALB
Club Mentors & Coach Chairs – Ryan Matsunaga, ACS, ALS and Naga Net, ACB, ALB
Networking Chairs – Della Mahone, DTM and Vincent Vo, ACS, ALB
Youth Leadership Program – Sushma Rajput, ACS, ALS
Speechcraft Program – Mary Berg, DTM
Data Chair – Trisha Ly, CC, ALB

LGET Awards were presented by Pan Kao, DTM, to:

Co-Chairs of District Conference – Ursula Bell, ACG, ALB and Brian Hsu, ACS, ALS
LACE Coordinator – Deborah Reisdorph, ACB
LACE Coordinator – John Barry, DTM
DCP Chairs/Education & Training – Norman Stein, DTM and Frannie Stein, DTM

District Governor Awards were presented by Linda Ulrich, DTM, to:

District Toastmaster of the Year – John Barry, DTM
Division Governor of the Year – Marshall Northcott, DTM
Area Governor of the Year – Charlotte Drake, ACG, ALB

Previous Committee Chairs and Division Governors were recognized as well:
Past District Governor – Harry Yan, DTM, PDG
LGET – Pan Kao, DTM
LGM – Siri Payakapan, DTM
PRO Officer – Robert Kelleman, DTM
Treasurer – Diane Beall, DTM
Secretary – Gwen Earle, DTM
Data Chair – John Angilillo, DTM, PDG
Alignment Chair – Bob Hudack, DTM, PDG
Advisor – Alanda Dyer, DTM, PDG
Speaker for Launch Meetings – Cindy Carpenter

Division A Governor – Lori Shapiro, DTM
Division B Governor – Jill Briscoe, DTM
Division C Governor – Della Mahone, DTM
Division D Governor – Donald Herrera, ACS, ALS
Division E Governor – Chris Collins, ACB, CL
Division F Governor – Sawarnjit Singh ACG, CL
Division G Governor – Marshall Northcott, DTM
Division H Governor – Karen Baumgartner, ACS, ALB

Thank you all for your participation in the 2014-2015 Toastmasters. Without our members and leadership team, we could not have accomplished what we did as a team. You all showed us how to “Elevate our Potential.”

Best of luck for the 2015-2016 Toastmasters year. Let’s “Join and Serve to Prosper”!