Month: September 2017

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  • Protocol List

    The Founder’s District Protocol List may be used to introduce dignitaries at all district conferences as well as the division and area contests. This list will be updated each Toastmasters year in July with periodic updates for corrections throughout the year. Always make sure you have the latest revision at the start of your event.…



    As Public Relations Manager for Founder’s District I have a motto which I wish all to follow: Make History, Not Lose History The reason I have this motto is that I feel that there have been opportunities that we’ve missed to celebrate over the last few years. We’ve missed out on the opportunity to document,…

  • 2017 Division Director of the Year – Cliff Shimizu

    2017 Division Director of the Year – Cliff Shimizu

    How does a software engineer who can spends hours in the dark, playing video games, alone, without moving a muscle… become an inspiring speaker, a master of the stage, a Contest Master, an empowering leader and a motivational force in the success of others? Let me tell you that story… it will inspire you, it…

  • The Founder Vol 55 Iss 1 Sep 2017

    In this issue: Toastmaster of the Year – Linda Robinson Daniel Midson-Short Represents From Rubber Chickens to Yodeling Pickles! The Reluctant Leader Our Shining Stars Awards, and more! The Founder/2010-2019/Founder Vol 55 Iss 1 Sep 2017.pdf