Online Leadership & Communication Experience

New Officers, Returning Officers - - LACE is your best opportunity to learn about your responsibilities as a club leader - and discover the life changing transferable skills you will experience as a club officer – this opportunity is ready and waiting for you at the Winter LACE on January 16th.

For every member in Founder’s District, and beyond – LACE is the opportunity to see and hear from respected leaders in the District delivering leadership tools to inspire and excite you for your personal Toastmasters journey.

This year, Founder’s District Program Quality Director, David Hosmer, DTM, is focused on members’ finding Value in their Toastmasters experience. For Club Officers, this means a revitalized training approach that delivers:

  • more information
  • focus on Club Quality
  • tools for leadership

LACE provides the clarity of roles, responsibilities and transferable skills that empowers each Club Officer to serve their club with confidence and support member success, enabling each club to achieve Distinguished Club status.

LACE provides a singularly unique and powerful opportunity to provide motivation and inspiration to Club Officers. The Club meeting is where members experience the Value of Toastmasters, and Club officers are the leadership point of contact to provide that Value to their club members. Officer training at LACE will deliver the background, relevance, understanding, and details needed for each Club Officer to develop Club Quality – delivering to members the Value they seek and hence perform at their best as a club.

For seasoned Presidents, Vice Presidents of Education, and Vice Presidents of Membership there is a special advanced officer workshop offering tools and best practices to support club growth, fine tune your leadership skills and deliver the Value your club members expect.

In addition to officer training, LACE kicks off with a “Powerful” Keynote address by a true leader in Orange County – Jerri Rosen, CEO and Founder of Working Wardrobes. In addition, you can attend three outstanding workshops presented by leaders in Founder’s District. Don’t forget to stop into the all-day Pathways Walk-In Clinic or attend the informative session on Pathways Leaders Guide. Finally, are you just too tired of Zoom – need a little humor? Take a break during lunch and tune in to the Comedy interval: Leaders Oughta Laugh (LOL) – great fun, great comedy!

A sneak peak at the Keynote and Workshops:::::::::::::

The Power of One, delivered by Jerri Rosen, CEO and Founder of Working Wardrobes

The Power of One is a powerful part of the culture at Working Wardrobes.  As the Founder of the organization, Jerri Rosen can lay claim to putting one idea into motion BUT it has been the power of each individual volunteer and staff member that has fueled Working Wardrobes growth and success.  The Power of One is the story of how many hands have made the organization thrive, even in the midst of a devastating fire and a worldwide pandemic!

Leading in a Non-Profit Organization, presented by Julie Broady, DTM

Julie Broady is on the executive board of Project Echo. In this workshop she will give us examples of the power to influence using the leadership skills found in Toastmasters.

Speech Contest Leadership, presented by Cliff Shimizu, DTM

Many people know that speech contests help members develop their communication and presentation skills. But not everyone is aware of the leadership opportunities that contests provide. In this seminar, Cliff will share how Toastmaster members can put their skills to practical use by helping with the organization and conduct of speech contests.

Club Meetings are Where Success Happen, presented by Ken Spears, DTM

Club leadership drives member value, helping members getting the most from their club experience. How can you, as a club officer, drive your club to Distinguished Club Status? How can you as a leader help members succeed? This session will show you key actions that will make "Success Happen" in your club.


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