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Only Two Months Left!

Written by Linda Ulrich
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LindaUlrich 2THERE ARE ONLY TWO MONTHS LEFT IN OUR TOASTMASTERS YEAR! We've accomplished so much in those first nine months and yet we still have a lot of work to do.

Here's a list of what's left for us to do:

  • Membership Renewals should be in by March 31 for the club to be in good standing (eight members, minimum)
  • Area and Division Contests - Area Contests are wrapping up and we are gearing up for Division Contests; check the Founder's District website ( for information about the Division Contests
  • District Conference - Saturday, May 3, at the La Mirada Holiday Inn and Conference Center; check the Founder's District website for more information and be looking for your postcard in the mail.
  • Club Officer Elections - ALL Toastmasters clubs will be electing officers in May; club officer lists are to be submitted on the TI website (, Club Central, update club officer list BEFORE June 30

The District Conference is on Saturday, May 3, and we will be having a PARTY!!! Founder's District celebrates its 70th Anniversary on July 1 and Toastmasters International will be 90 on October 24. We're just starting the celebration a little early. Chief Executive Officer of Toastmasters International, Daniel Rex, will be our keynote speaker and will help us recognize all the successes our members and clubs have accomplished to date. Our C&L Recipient is Wolf Mountain Sanctuary and will receive the award during dinner; you won't want to miss this - they will be bringing one of the wolves. We will be electing our District leadership team for next year, and having our Table Topics and International Speech Contests. We've got some educational sessions planned, too, so come join us for part of the day or the whole day.

We are well on our way to meeting the District goals this year. We need all of our current members to renew and we could use a few more new members. We also need a couple more new clubs - contact Lt. Governor Marketing, Pan Kao, if you have any ideas about a new club or if you would like to serve as a sponsor or mentor for a new club. Look for some statistics at the District Conference to see where we are and where we need to be.

There are some Marketing and Education incentives up on the Founder's District website for these last three months. Check 'em out! We would love to give some of them to your clubs, Areas, or Divisions.

Distinguished Clubs is another big goal for the District; my personal goal is to have 180 Distinguished or better clubs. We currently have 69 clubs that will meet both the membership goal and the DCP requirements to be Distinguished or better on April 1. If we look at all the clubs that have 20+ members, there are at least 42 more clubs that have the potential of being Distinguished or better; they just need to meet some more DCP goals - and we know they will. We have ten more clubs that already have five+ DCP goals, but need one, two, three, or four new members to be Distinguished or better. AND we have 27 additional clubs that need one, two, three, or four new members plus one or two additional DCP goals. So, if we add all of those together (69 + 42 + 10 + 27), we have 148 clubs that could be distinguished or better by the end of June. We have three more months - I think we can get very close to the 180 clubs if we all work together to make it happen!

We have accomplished so much this year, but there is so much more we can do. If you continue to "pursue your passion," then we all succeed. Keep up the momentum and let's make Founder's District famous!

Linda Ulrich

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