2016 Spring Club Alignment Proposal

2016-17 Founder’s District Alignment Notes 2016-04-23

Last fall this body approved the formation of District 100 and Founder’s District, along with the creation of ten divisions, A through I.

Since the fall conference…

  • 7 new clubs were built.
  • 6 prospective clubs may charter soon
  • 14 clubs have stopped meeting
  • 15 clubs are unpaid as of April 23rd

With this much change it is impossible to finalize next year’s alignment in April. A working draft alignment has been prepared to facilitate planning and discussion. Next year’s actual alignment will be finalized sometime between June 20th and July 15th.

The border between Founder's District and District 100 is:

From the intersection of the 605 Freeway (San Gabriel River Valley Freeway) with E Wardlow Rd, then east to Ball Rd. Continue on Ball Rd to Taft Ave., and then proceed east on Taft Ave to N Tustin St.. Proceed North on N Tustin just far enough to resume an eastward direction along E Taft Ave to Cannon St. Then extend a straight line due east to the Orange County border. Clubs with addresses on Ball, Wardlow, or Taft will be part of District 100.

Divisions B, D, E, and H are in the north

Divisions A, C. F. G, I, and J are in the South.  All divisions have 22-24 clubs

Maps and other planning documents can be found at https://goo.gl/EYkZoD


Bob Hudack, DTM, PDG  
Alignment Committee Chair



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