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Expand Your Horizons

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Welcome to the 2016-2017 Toastmasters year, an extraordinary year with a diverse and dynamic team of 15 District elected leaders!  In addition, we have 5 managers, 50 area directors, dozens of District Chairs and many assistant roles offering a uniquely combined set of knowledge, experience, and talents.  The new Founder's District leadership team is listed below for your information.

My vision for Founder’s District this year is to:

  • advance the work of Founder’s District 
  • LEAD Founder’s District's 220+ clubs in over 50+ cities from Los Angeles to Orange Counties.
  • prepare both Founder’s District and the forthcoming Century District (District 100) to achieve excellence.   

We can accomplish this vision together by: 

  • going back to the basics of putting the “Members First”
  • living out the values of Toastmasters International: Integrity, Respect, Service and Excellence.

We will support YOU, the members to Expand Your Horizons.

We will make all Toastmasters events affordable, enjoyable and valuable to the members--making them worth your precious time.

By doing this we will:

  • RETAIN quality members 
  • ATTRACT members who want a life-long learning experience 
  • GROW quality clubs 
  • ACHIEVE excellence

Let us focus on our club members and our core values of Integrity, Respect, Service, and Excellence. We will continue to expand our horizons to make the most of what Toastmasters has to offer. 



15 Elected Leaders

  1. District Director Siri Payakapan, DTM
  2. Program Quality South Dan Cossack, DTM
  3. Program Quality North Karen Lucas, DTM
  4. Club Growth Director South Diana Dee, DTM
  5. Club Growth Director North Jill Briscoe, DTM
  6. Division A Director Jeffrey Lee, CC,, CL
  7. Division B Director Vickie Brennan, CC, CL
  8. Division C Director Randy Kleinman, ACS, CL
  9. Division D Director Tim Hollenbeck, ACB, CL
  10. Division E Diretor Mark Lucas, ACB, ALB
  11. Division F Director Christine Brady, ACB, CL
  12. Division G Director Cliff Shimizu, ACB, CL
  13. Division H Director Jack Mercia, DTM
  14. Division I Director Lori Shapiro, DTM
  15. Division J Director Vijay Chidambaram, DTM

5 Managers

  1. Public Relations Manager Michelle Bender, DTM
  2. Administration Manager Gloria Chen, ACS, ALB
  3. Finance Manager Debi Morales, CC, CL
  4. Logistics Manager Brent Felsted, ACB, ALB
  5. Logistics Manager Kenneth Olson, CC 

50 Area Directors

  1. A1 Director Karen Thompson, ACS, ALB
  2. A2 Director John DiGioia, ACS, ALB
  3. A3 Director Gary Olive, CC, CL
  4. A4 Director Lauren Eichenauer 
  5. A5 Director Barbara Stickler, ACS, ALB
  6. B1 Director Vishnu Sam 
  7. B2 Director Cory McWilliams, CC, ALB
  8. B3 Director Bill Stafford, ACS, ALB
  9. B4 Director Roger Carlson, ACB, ALB
  10. B5 Director Anne Dennis
  11. C1 Director Donald Baliaba, CC
  12. C2 Director Meredith Cracchiolo, CC, CL
  13. C3 Director Lynn Napali, CC, CL
  14. C4 Director Asad Ali, CL
  15. C5 Director Kimberly McFee, ATMG, ALB
  16. D1 Director Michael Valencia
  17. D2 Director Steve Itzkovitz,CC, CL
  18. D3 Director Scott Friedman, ACS, ALB
  19. D4 Director Chris Collins, DTM
  20. D5 Director John Dew
  21. E1 Director
  22. E2 Director
  23. E3 Director Jesus Ramirez, CC, CL
  24. E4 Director Hiram Araoz, ACG, ALB
  25. E5 Director
  26. F1 Director Robert Acosta, DTM
  27. F2 Director Hannah Erbele, CC
  28. F3 Director Sudhanwa Kamarkar, CC, ALB
  29. F4 Director Venkata Chinamalli, CC, CL
  30. F5 Director Suwathi Krishnananda, ACS, ALB
  31. G1 Director Heather Franks, CC
  32. G2 Director Ken Spears, CC, CL
  33. G3 Director Mike Sato
  34. G4 Director Stefan Blasig, ACB, ALB
  35. G5 Director David Hosmer
  36. H1 Director Oscar Velenzuela, ACS, ALB
  37. H2 Director William Wojciak, CC, CL
  38. H3 Director Gary Happs, ACB
  39. H4 Director C.J. “Chuck” Cota, ACB, CL
  40. H5 Director Laura Kim, ACB, CL
  41. I1 Director 
  42. I2 Director Ashly Chau, CC, CL
  43. I3 Director Quinetta Boyce, ACB, ALB
  44. I4 Director Brent Felsted, ACB, ALB
  45. I5 Director Claudia Kabot, ACS, ALB
  46. J1 Director Katharine Hanson, CC,, CL
  47. J2 Director Arnie Lynn Bengo, CC, ALB 
  48. J3 Director George Lehmann, ACB, CL
  49. J4 Director Robert Fisher, CC, CL
  50. J5 Director Dinh Ta, CC, CL
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Siri Payakapan

Siri is the Founder's District Director for 2016-2017. She has been a member of Toastmasters since 2006. Her theme for this year is 'Expand Your Horizons'.


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