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Toastmasters Pathways Learning Experience

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Our New Educational Journey

Toastmasters is reaching out to all members and offering new Pathways to learn communication and leadership skills. This exciting new educational program has been under development since 2010 and will begin its rollout in 2017 with a gradual flow throughout the world.

The modernized learning experience is the result of years of planning and expertise by a large team, including the Board of Directors, World Headquarters staff, and member volunteers. The program’s wide-ranging benefits include:

  • Customized learning tailored to personal and professional goals
  • Early and frequent recognition of accomplishments
  • Mobile access to educational materials
  • Expanded video and digital content

Progress in Toastmasters learning is a journey of self-development. Pathways will help you to reach your potential.

The program is moving away from familiar manuals to educational projects that match individual interests to satisfy a wider range of international communication and leadership. When members begin the new program, two options from ten available Pathways may be chosen. Current members can easily move to Pathways, or will have up to two years to reach goals from the current Toastmasters program. However the new Pathways are truly attractive and inviting.

Take a look at them now and begin choosing which ones will serve you best. If after making a selection you decide it is not a good fit, you may opt to change Pathways without losing earned credits.

These are the ten Pathways offered:

1. Motivational Strategies 6. Strategic Relationships
2. Presentation Mastery 7. Dynamic Leadership
3. Leadership Development 8. Persuasive Influence
4. Innovative Planning 9. Effective Coaching
5. Visionary Communication 10. Team Collaboration

There will be early and frequent recognition of accomplishments to encourage members to reach more goals and work on more Pathways.

As for the club meetings – the heart of our Toastmasters experience – they will remain the same with speeches, evaluations, and Table Topics.

An innovative approach that has been incorporated into Pathways is an online learning element with cutting-edge content and interactive tools. There will even be online clubs, but these will have special requirements for ease of access.

Since the accomplishments are changing, the requirements for the new DTM will also be changed. They will be:

  • Complete two learning paths
  • Serve as a club officer for 12 months
  • Serve as a club coach or mentor
  • Serve as a club sponsor or conduct a Speechcraft or Youth Leadership Program
  • Serve as a district officer for one year
  • Complete the capstone DTM project.

Founder’s District has several ambassadors to help spread the information. Following is the list of our volunteers:

Michael Alexander, DTM Randy Kleinman, ACS, ALB
Christine Brady, ACB, CL Jeffrey Lee, ACB, ALB
Vicky Brennan, CC, ALB Mark Lucas, ACB, ALB
Vijay Chidambaram, DTM Jack Mercica, DTM
Chris Collins, DTM Jack Nichols, DTM
Norman Cook, DTM Sandra Printer, DTM
Robert Gazley, CC Linda Robinson, ACS, ALS
Virginia Hanagami, ACG, ALB Lori Shapiro, DTM
Tim Hollenbeck, ACS, CL Ciff Shimizu
Wes Hoover, DTM Trey Stroud, ACS
Brian Hsu, DTM Lyle Wiedeman, DTM
Kathy Hughes, ACS, ALB  

More information on Pathways is found at:

Everyone is encouraged to begin opening new doors for accomplishments, worldwide communication, and leadership. Reach for creative ways to expand your horizons.


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